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10 Ideas for Imaginative Play with Your Littles

With all that is going on in each of our communities right now, many of us have our minds full.  Today I hope to share a few ideas to take our minds and set them on the best, most lasting work we ever do: loving our little ones.  

Here are 10 easy activities to engage imagination play with your little ones.

1. Make up a story together.  Start with a sentence, then encourage your littles to share one of their own.  Go back and forth and see where your story goes. 

2. Learn something.  Grab a book with facts and learn something together. 

3. Look through photo albums together.  It is so fun to let the little ones see how much they've grown and the things that will catch their attention.  My littles get a huge laugh seeing themselves use toys that have now been passed down to siblings. 

4. Play store.  If they're old enough, I love to give them a little bowl then pay for whatever they're selling (usually pretend ice cream at our house) in pennies and loose change. 

5. Along that line, let them go "grocery shopping."  We use play strollers, little bags or buckets and then I give them ideas of what to find around the house and add to their "cart."  (Yes, they came up with this one because they listen carefully to everything and have heard my husband and I saying so much recently how we need to get groceries.)

6. Adopt a plant.  We take a walk around the yard and take special notice of a few of our blossoming plants.  The littles love to check in on their "baby flowers" and it gives us lots to wonder about things they might like, how they might grow and notice the changes.  This is such a beautiful time of year for this one.

7.  Take a senses walk.  Enjoy the outdoors and use it as a jumping off point to engage each of your kids' senses.  Ask what they hear, what they see, how the bark of a tree feels, etc. 

8. Play with shadows.  Use hands, toys, or print off shapes and make up a story together.  

9. Dress up.  This one is a natural but mix it up and let them pull out their out-of-season clothes (indoor pool party?!).  Try on daddy's shirt and boots, be silly!

10. Talk about all the things we are thankful for.  We try to make this a regular practice and it's become something I cherish deeply.  Everything from toys to the blue sky to the days we get to spend together. 

There is truly so much to be thankful for.   We have a Creator who knows every one of us so deeply and has perfect control of this world, every moment of every day.  Praying for you all in this time!

If you try any of these out, I would love to be tagged @laurendarlingco.  Seeing your love for your family brings me such happiness!

xo Angela 

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