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I found something incredible

What started as an idea, then an itty bitty project to design and create bows I love for my daughter, began as most things do, small.  I had a dream of Lauren Darling Co growing, as I still do, but behind that bright dream I was sure I didn't have the experience to grow a small shop.  I reached my first 500 followers on Instagram after a big giveaway, and the following day I was afraid to post because I was sure that every last new follower would unfollow me as soon as I popped into their feed.  
I felt so nervous at the thought of sending out emails to my subscribers, even as the list grew quickly, for fear that they might unsubscribe if I reminded them of my little shop.  
But as I pushed past these insecurities as a small business, I found something incredible.  I found YOU!  I found mothers I've always hoped were there.  Mothers who are honored to raise their children, who value beauty in every small detail and who see the magic of childhood in the sweet, small ways that add up to a season of warmth, growth and unimaginable love.  
It has always been, and will continue to be, my pleasure to serve your families, and craft you the most beautiful bows I can!  I am so grateful to you Mama, for being here and being you!
Delightfully yours, 

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