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We have these on repeat this summer

Real life here, we style on the go.  Anyone else keep a stash of bows on your bathroom counter to reach for as you hustle to get your littles ready? We do! This summer has us loving these three striking pieces and since I know you will too, I want to share what we are wearing on repeat.
1. Clips - We use these from sunrise to sunset most days.  When my sleepy little girl hops up to the breakfast nook with her wispy bed-head, I walk my pre-coffee self over to a small bowl of hair clips we keep on the counter to reign in the fluff until that sweet, warm caffeine kicks in and we go get ready for the day.  
Leather, especially our supple, smooth and trendy palette, has a way of always being in style.  And that carries true, right into these clips which, in all likeliness stay in all day, long after the coffee, doing their job of holding down wispies while looking effortlessly "cool."
2. Sweetheart Bracelet - The one that Lauren makes sure she wears all day long. Cute story - she actually chose these shell beads herself, while helping me shop for beads, squealing with excitement about how they were so cute.  Her delight meant that this bracelet WOULD be happening and it turns out, so many of you love it too.  
"We love this bracelet paired with one of the small Darling bracelets! This is our favorite combo.  They are so precious and so well made.  Absolutely adore these" 
- Leslie T.
3. Senna Headband - So many things about this that keep it on repeat for us.  We love leather (the durability and the gorgeous touch of style it brings so easily) and this is leather on leather! What's more to love?! It is also super comfortable for Lauren and she leaves it on for a long time.  It's made with a bit of matching elastic at the back so it stretches to fit just right every time. Then comes the color.  Do you also use ballet pink as a neutral? We basically do and having *this* headband in *this* color has become our summer must-have.
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In the hustle and bustle of the warm days ahead, I want you to enjoy clipping back those early morning bedheads, cherish the quick, getting ready to go somewhere moments and to enjoy the same timeless pieces that we are reaching for over and over again around here.  
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